10 Ideas to Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors this Winter January 03 2020, 0 Comments

Unless your dog loves playing in the snow, they probably hate the cold weather. Most dogs can’t wait to come inside to the warm house. Because being cooped up all winter can get boring, dog owners have to get creative when it comes to keeping their dogs entertained.


Scavenger Hunt

Dogs love having fun and playing games. Make treat time even more exciting with a scavenger hunt around the house. Hide their treats in different places and help them out with hints to find them. You may need to show them the way the first few times, but this can turn into an entertaining game for your dog. 

Learn a New Trick 

The best time to learn a new trick is when there’s nothing to do inside. If your dog already knows the basics, try going for a tougher trick. If you use treats to train, your dog will get excited for his reward and want to keep learning. 

Shopping Spree

Sometimes your dog just gets bored of looking out the same window, or watching the same squirrel. Try giving him a change of scenery and go shopping. A quick trip to the pet store is the perfect plan for a winter day. To make it even more fun, let your dog pick out a delicious treat. 

Stuffed Treat Toys

This option could entertain your dog for a while. Stuff a toy, such as a Kong, with your dogs favorite treat, or even peanut butter, for a fun activity. If your dog just needs a distraction this will definitely keep them busy.  


If your dog needs to release some energy, take advantage of your stairs! A few times going up and down will tire your dog out in no time. Try throwing their favorite toy at the top of the stairs and have them bring it back down. This allows them to run and play without risk of bumping into any furniture or breakable items. 

Hide and Seek

If your dog loves scavenger hunts, they’ll love hide and seek even more. Tell your dog to sit and stay while you find a spot to hide in the house. Give them the okay to come find you, you’ll be surprised at how good they are at winning this game. Reward your dog with a treat at the end of the game. Try getting the kids involved with this one! 


This is another great out of the house trip for your dog. Schedule a full grooming appointment for the day and treat your dog to some pampering. Even if your dog isn’t the biggest fan of the groomers, he’ll love getting out of the house for a while. 

New Toys

Your dog will have plenty of time to play with all their toys this winter. Offer your dog a new and exciting toy to play with. This could be a chew that will take them a few days or a toy to last them all winter. Either way, your dog won’t get bored of the same toys this season. 

Homemade Toy Treats

Look for a fun and simple dog treat recipe to make for your dog. This is a good time to let your dog hang out in the kitchen and enjoy the smell of their fresh dog treats. Homemade treats can be made quickly and give your dog something to look forward to. 

Movie Night

Many dogs enjoy watching certain TV shows or movies. Grab some blankets and camp out on the couch for a movie night with your best friend. Offer them some chew toys and a spot next to you to enjoy the movie. If your dog has a show that catches their attention, put that on the TV for a little bit throughout the day. A lot of dogs love watching Animal Planet!

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