Simple Tips to Teach Your Dog To Sit May 01 2019, 0 Comments

When in the early stages of owning a dog, a great way to establish a strong relationship is by teaching him or her to obey certain commands. Usually, one of the most common commands to teach is how to sit.

Teaching your dog to sit is a great first command because it will help you and your dog create an understanding that they should obey. Not only does this help dogs understand they should obey their owner, but it helps establish to them that you are the pack leader. If a dog sees you as the pack leader, there is a much greater chance they will listen and follow more difficult commands in the future.

Reward Accidental Sitting

The first thing to know when teaching your dog how to sit is that they need to be rewarded for their good behavior. Before teaching them the word “sit”, you should reward them with affection when they sit down naturally. This can be done by giving them a small treat, or a short belly rub. By doing this, your dog will understand that sitting is good behavior that will earn them recognition.

Teaching the Command

Once your dog is aware of the results of their behavior, you can start to teach them to sit on command by holding a treat up in the air. At this point, you can start telling them to sit once you hold the treat up. If they still don’t understand, it sometimes helps to press down lightly on their lower back to show them what you want them to do. Once they start to obey this command, you can try telling them to sit without the treats.

Repetition Is Key

An important thing to remember is that the repetition of this behavior is key because you don’t want your dog to forget what you have taught them. Practicing this basic command over and over again, even once your dog has mastered the skill can help to boost their confidence and improve your bond with them.

When teaching your dog how to sit, remember that everyone learns at their own pace, so don’t get too upset with you or your dog. Happy training! 

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