The Benefits of Kale for Dogs February 20 2020, 0 Comments

Considered a superfood, kale is a green leafy vegetable popular for its great nutritional value and low in calories. This crunchy green vegetable is full of vitamin K and C, beta-carotene, and calcium. Just like in humans, kale can offer some great benefits when given in moderation. It is known to have cancer fighting properties and prevent heart disease. 


Labeled as a vitamin, beta-carotene is what gives vegetables like carrots their orange color. In kale however, this orange pigment is covered up by the chlorophyll levels that make this vegetable dark green. Your dog cannot create beta-carotene on their own, it has to be consumed through foods, such as kale. When the kale is being digested inside your dog's intestines, enzymes mix with this vitamin turning it into vitamin A. Vitamin A is going to help keep your dog's intestinal tract healthy, which will lead to a strong immune system.

Vitamin K & C

Dogs that suffer from allergies could benefit from kale due to the high amount of vitamin C it contains. This vitamin will act as an anti-inflammatory, immune system booster, and help the body produce collagen. Kale is also full of vitamin K, which helps the overall health of blood as well as helping calcium to maintain strong bones.


Calcium is needed in order to keep bones in your dog's body strong and healthy. Kale is able to provide a perfect amount of calcium into your dog's diet when given sparingly. Calcium is crucial in your dog's diet but too much can result in kidney issues. It’s important to always feed calcium-rich foods, such as kale, with the idea that less is more.

How to Feed Your Dog Kale

Many people choose to give their dog raw kale, it is recommended to cook the kale slightly. This is because kale can sometimes be tough to chew on and cooking it will make your dog's life a little easier.

Others like the option of incorporating kale into food or treats. This method is easier to track just how much your dog is getting and avoids the possible chance of feeding too much. This kale treat is made with blueberries so your dog gets even more added nutrients. Your dog will get plenty of antioxidants from blueberries and all of the great benefits from kale.

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