The Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the United States June 08 2018, 1 Comment

Everyone has their favorite breed of dog that they have a soft spot for. Though the most popular breeds of dogs are constantly changing, these are the ten most commonly owned dog breeds in the United States.

  1. Labrador Retrievers
    Labrador Retrievers hold the top spot in American households. With their shorter fur and inviting faces, Labradors are easy to train and great with families.
  2. German Shepherds
    German Shepherds are known as very intelligent and well-behaved dogs. They are great with children and serve as great police dogs.
  3. Golden Retrievers
    Golden Retrievers have held their ground as one of the most popular dogs in America for decades. They have strong personalities and prominent coats that are very appealing.
  4. French Bulldogs
    French Bulldogs are known everywhere as great pets. They are very playful, curious and alert. For people who don’t want larger dogs, French bulldogs are a great breed to own.
  5. Bulldogs
    Bulldogs are continuously becoming more popular in many American households. These dogs are very calm, laid back and possess very entertaining personalities.
  6. Beagles
    Beagles are known as family-friendly, high-energy dogs. They are small and have a great sense of smell. This makes them one of the more popular hunting dogs for rabbits.
  7. Poodles
    The Poodle used to be the most popular dog in the US, but is still ranked in the top ten. 
  8. Rottweilers
    Rottweilers have gradually become more and more popular in American households. They are recognized for their committed loyalty and protective behavior towards their owners. This muscular breed commonly work as police dogs and in the military.
  9. Yorkshire Terrier
    Yorkshire Terriers are common among small dog owners. They are not only well-behaved, but they have a high sense of energy and are great with children.
  10. German Shorthaired Pointer
    These Shorthaired Pointers are very energetic dogs. They require lots of exercise and serve as great hunting dogs with their keen sense of smell. Not only are they great with people, but they are very affectionate and need lots of attention.

If you didn’t see your dog on this list, don’t worry, the top breeds are constantly changing! And remember, every dog is a good dog.

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