Published: December 16 2014

What is your dog's favorite flavor Treatsimple dog Treat? We want to know. Haven't tried them yet, get our sample pack of each flavor on sale now for $5.99 plus use our coupon code GIVINGTREATS... Read More

Published: December 08 2014

It's the season of giving so in honor of this TreatSimple will give away 1 lb of Yummy Dog Treats to Shelter dogs for every new like we can get between now and december 20th!... Read More

Published: November 19 2014

The Holidays will be here before we know it! A lot of people travel and since dogs are considered part of the family, most of you will be packing them up to go on your... Read More

Published: November 12 2014

Want a Free Orbee- Tuff Small Bone? These awesome, interactive, made in the USA Toys are usually $9.95, but we are giving them away with all orders over $50.00, Deal valid until 11/14/14, no code... Read More

Published: October 20 2014

Want to make a yummy snack to share with your pup? Kale is in abundance this time of year, here is a great Kale chip recipe for you and your pet. Wash and dry your kale... Read More

Published: October 13 2014

Thinking about getting a dog? Be a hero and adopt a rescue dog or one from your local shelter.  You will be saving a life and gaining a loving companion in yours.  Each year an estimated... Read More

Published: October 03 2014

Did you know that dogs have about 1,700 taste buds? Humans have approximately 9,000 and cats have around 473.  Dogs do not crave salt like humans do. Since meat has a high sodium content and... Read More

Published: September 17 2014

Do you ever notice your dog twitching in their sleep and paw movements? Well that's because dogs and humans have the same type of slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement patterns and during this... Read More

Published: September 09 2014

Puppies have 28 teeth and normal adult dogs have 42! They have  22 in the mandible or lower jaw, and 20 in the maxilla or upper jaw. In each jaw there are 6 incisors, 2 canines,... Read More

Published: August 18 2014

We formulated our treats with a couple things in mind: nutritional value, all natural, and a taste your dogs will be craving! Learn about the benefits of each key ingredient! Sweet Potato & AppleSweet Potatoes... Read More