Published: May 01 2019

When in the early stages of owning a dog, a great way to establish a strong relationship is by teaching him or her to obey certain commands. Usually, one of the most common commands to teach... Read More

Published: October 06 2018

Is your dog continuously getting sick? Do they seem to be having problems with their skin or fur? If you have these issues it could be because your dog isn’t getting enough antioxidants in their diet.

Published: June 08 2018

Everyone has their favorite breed of dog that they have a soft spot for. Though the most popular breeds of dogs are constantly changing, these are the ten most commonly owned dog breeds in the United States.

Published: March 02 2018

If you've tried and loved some of our limited time treats or you just want to take advantage of the opportunity for your pup to try something new, you won't want to miss this 30%... Read More

Published: December 14 2017

The holidays can be stressful for anyone. There's so much to plan, shop for, clean and cook. Make sure you think about your pets this holiday season, especially if you're planning to have guests over to... Read More

Published: November 06 2017

Have you noticed nettle leaves in some of your dogs' treats or are you consider trying to for your pup? Nettle leaves can sound scary, but actually, have been shown to have great health benefits... Read More

Published: October 26 2017

Today is National Pumpkin Day! Not only are pumpkins the perfect fall decoration and a staple in all the best autumn desserts, but they have unique health benefits to dogs and human alike.  Pumpkin can have... Read More

Published: October 18 2017

TreatSimple's Pomegranate & Coconut treat features just five ingredients, are wheat, corn and soy free, and have a low gluten content. Coconut is great for dogs, the oil we use in our treats helps aid digestion, improves... Read More

Published: September 27 2017

We are happy to announce that we will be donating 10% of all of our sales from September to benefit pets that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. Be sure to order online this month... Read More

Published: September 05 2017

Our NO-GMO treats feature just five ingredients, are Wheat Corn and soy free, and have a low gluten content. But what are the benefits of the ingredients? Benefits of Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes are a... Read More