Published: August 24 2017

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Published: August 16 2017

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Published: July 26 2017

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Published: July 14 2017

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Published: July 05 2017

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Published: June 28 2017

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Published: June 14 2017

TreatSimple now has a new functional treat line! These treats are specially formulated to not only taste great to your dog but to promote health. This new line includes treats to improve Power and strength (with protein),... Read More

Published: May 15 2017

It's National Pet Month! To celebrate we're doing a GIVEAWAY! All you have to do is: Like the giveaway post on either Facebook or Instagram Share a picture of your pet on your Facebook or... Read More

Published: May 12 2017

More is better! Several of our treats are now available in 6 packs online for $39.99 which saves you $13.95 total. Order online today at Read More

Published: May 01 2017

Mother's Day is just a few weeks away. This tote and treat combo is the perfect Mother's Day gift for any Dog Mom 🐶🐾…/gif…/products/3-pack-gift-set… Read More